3+ Review

The 3+ Review is a joint Health-Education initiative, which is being implemented as part of the Early Intervention Transformation Programme (EITP).

The 3+ Review aims to holistically review the developmental progress of pre-school children.   Information from the Review can be used to support the child’s development, assist pre-school education settings with planning for the delivery of the Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education, and identify any potential areas for focus for your pre-school class, both generally, and for any individual children who may require more targeted support.  Early identification of need also enables timely referral to support services where appropriate.

The 3+ Review takes place in the pre-school education setting and is carried out in partnership with the parents/carers, Health Visitor and pre-school practitioners.  All pre-school settings now have a named Health Visitor assigned to them.

3+ Review Video

This video will help you to introduce parents to the 3+ Review.
Follow Health Visitor Sharon Scullin, as she outlines the process of the 3+ Review at St Oliver Plunkett Primary School and Nursery Unit.


This guidance has been developed to maximise the potential of health and education working collaboratively to improve outcomes for children and to support the planning and delivery of the 3+ Review by the named health visitor in partnership with pre-school education settings and parent/carers.

3+ Review Guidance for Pre-School